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“We would like to thank NIBA for hosting a world-class conference at the Balboa Club in Newport Beach this past June. Presenting companies gave the investment community access to cutting edge products and services. We presented our services as a mobile tech firm participating in the explosive FinTech market with an app addressing compliance challenges for businesses and broker/dealers. The one-on-one meetings offered a relaxed atmosphere to address more intimate details from the presentations. Additionally, we were exposed to companies developing solutions for how business and consumers transact commerce in today’s economy and business opportunities therein. Will not miss the next event. Outstanding.”
Riafox – Debby Page – Customer Accounts

“NIBA gave us the opportunity to meet a large number of investment bankers. Our objective was to find a lead investment banker and this mission was accomplished. Thank you!”
Entia BioSciences – Marvin S. Hausman MD – CEO

“NIBA’s conference proved an enjoyable and efficient method to meet a wide variety of deeply experienced professionals with high integrity as well as some fascinating entrepreneurial teams of presenting companies.”
Med Ag Ventures, Inc. – Tom Cifelli JD CRA – CFO and General Counsel

“This was our first NIBA conference. As a presenter, we had an overwhelming response from the investment community. We are happy to say that we received indications of interest from three investment bankers and expect to close our funding commitment within the next 30 days. We would like to thank our NIBA sponsor, William Jordan, for his advice and support.”
Frog Fitness – Richard Pearce – CEO

“A well-organized conference. A good place to meet people and an excellent forum to discuss business plans. An effective classroom to learn. There were many investment bankers, company leaders and financial experts in the room making the event a success! The guest speakers were inspiring making the conference not only about business, but about spirit and life. We loved this conference and plan to attend the next one in New York.” – Cathy Sun

“This was the first time we presented at NIBA. We had a great time at the conference and accomplished our objective of exposure. Looking forward to other events in the near future.”
National Automations Services, Inc. – Jeremy Briggs – CFO



Upcoming ConferenceNew York, NY
October 12-14, 2015
The Westin New York Grand Central

NIBA Newport Beach, CA June 2015
Conference Video

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NIBA New York, NY March 2015
Conference Video

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NIBA Ft. Lauderdale, FL December 2014
Conference Video

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Member NewsFINRA Announces Nomination Process to Fill one Small Firm Vacancy on the National Adjudicatory Council (NAC).


What makes NIBA so different is, the moment you walk into the conference on that first day, whether you are a professional advisor, an investment banker or presenting company – you feel a strong sense of comradery.    NIBA’s unspoken mission is twofold: to get a deal done right; and to instill strategic relationships and lasting friendships in the process.  I am always proud to sponsor a client at NIBA because I know they will get the red carpet treatment, and will be inspired not only by the presenters and attendees…but by the NIBA leadership.”
Andrea Cataneo, Partner,
Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference

“Various people often ask what my desired outcome is from attending a NIBA conference and it is a threefold answer: First, I always have at least one transaction that I would like to showcase or solicit collaboration from other firms and it is the perfect venue to discuss those deals; second, I am always looking for opportunities to which I can add value through my skills and for my clients to invest in; and third, to meet and network with the right types of people to further my success and reputation in this business. I have never attended a conference which did not surpass my expectations in all phases of my desired outcomes and make it a worthwhile investment.”
Jayson Gitt, President, Dana Point Capital

“The NIBA conferences present a premier opportunity for investment bankers, investment professionals, company management and leaders across industry to meet, network and tell their story in a fun, exciting and collaborative environment.”
Marc Schneider, Schneider Asset Management

“NIBA Conferences are always full of terrific opportunities to meet new and old friends in the business!”
Brian Cavalli, The Vintage Group

NIBA Members
  • Represent over 8800 registered reps.
  • Have over 78 billion in assets under management.
  • Are responsible for 90% of IPO’s under $20 million.
  • Have raised over $10 billion for emerging growth companies.
  • Represent over 60 industry services.

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