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“On behalf of Elive Medical, Ltd., I want to thank NIBA [and Hanover] for a very productive and enjoyable NIBA event in New York City in February, 2017. Elive was a presenting company at NIBA, and we met several very promising potential investor companies, as well as many useful support service companies. This was particularly useful for Elive because we are currently a European company who is looking to reincorporate and launch in the United States. NIBA was a wonderful introduction for our European founders to the investment process in the US, and they were able to understand many of the key differences between the US and European investment processes.”
Elive Medical, Ltd. – Paul J. Frankel

“NIBA was a great experience. I was able to meet with investment bankers who focus on small private transactions. This is a very efficient forum for managers to meet future financial advisors.”
Sandstone Diagnostics – Karen Drexler, CEO

“The National Investment Banking Association conference in New York at the end of February 2017 was a great opportunity for our company to gain exposure and drive interest from a range of potential investors and investment bankers. The conference itself was efficient and was very well organized. In addition to being able to hear presentations from a wide range of companies, I found that the one-on-one meetings in the afternoon were a great way to network with interested investment professionals.”
Allysta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Henry Hsu, MD, CEO

“NIBA conferences are an excellent way for small companies to introduce themselves to the financial community. The conference attendees, bankers, service providers and investors are accessible. Fund raising is a continuous process. It requires a commitment of time and energy. It is very much like the old shampoo advertisements: Lather Rinse and Repeat. Fund raising is Present, Listen and Repeat. This event helps a presenter build confidence, show corporate accomplishments and build financial relationships. In the business of capital raises, people work with people they know. NIBA gives one a way to know and be known.”
Pulmostics Limited – William Wittmeyer, CEO

“NIBA was Nelumbo’s first introduction to the investment banking world and we could not have had a better platform to launch from. As we continue to develop relationships with the connections made at NIBA, I believe we will look back on the conference experience as an event of high significance to our company’s growth and long term success. Thank you to our friends at Hanover International for sponsoring Nelumbo and helping us prepare for NIBA!”
Nelumbo – Liam Berryman, CEO

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NIBA New York, NY February 2017
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NIBA Newport Beach, CA October 2016
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NIBA New York, NY June 2016
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NIBA Hollywood, FL February 2016
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“As a business attorney, I recommend presenting at the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) conference to all of my clients looking to raise capital. It would simply not be possible to get meetings with the buy-side professionals that the companies meet at NIBA. In terms of the value proposition, for the cost of the presenting company fee and a day or two of time, the companies can get in front of a roomful of buy-side professionals that would otherwise take months and cost an exorbitant amount of money to visit individually. The success rate of NIBA has been proven to me. My clients have received attention, education, relationships, referrals, and financings from their NIBA presentations. Once, a banker even wrote their proposed financing terms to one of my client companies on a napkin as we were eating breakfast after having seen the company present the day before and that deal, did in fact, happen. The largest IPO I ever worked on was underwritten by two NIBA members. Personally, I have met so many finance professionals in all areas at NIBA that I am able to introduce my clients to nearly every connection they need through their start-up, growth, and development phases, making me a valuable resource to my clients. I have been a member of NIBA for over a decade and am proud to serve on their Board of Directors now.”
Lynne Bolduc, Partner, FitzGerald Yap Kreditor LLP

“We always enjoy sponsoring NIBA. It gives us a chance to meet with colleagues who understand our industry and the small cap segment of the market specifically. NIBA provides an excellent forum to discuss the cutting edge trends in our industry with the people who are at the leading edge. Additionally, it gives us the chance to meet with new and exciting companies and to promote our own brand.”
Louis Taubman, Partner, Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li LLC

NIBA Members
  • Represent over 8800 registered reps.
  • Have over 78 billion in assets under management.
  • Are responsible for 90% of IPO’s under $20 million.
  • Have raised over $10 billion for emerging growth companies.
  • Represent over 60 industry services.

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