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“Many thanks to the Hanover International team who helped in the preparation, presentation, advice and direction of The Movie Studio’s participation at the 2019 National Investment Bankers Association conference. It was indeed an exciting and fruitful experience, which I am confident will lead to many productive new business relationships. I look forward to working with NIBA and the contacts we met as we move our Company forward in the public marketplace.”
Gordon Scott Venters, President & Chief Executive Officer, The Movie Studio, Inc.

“This event is by far a must do for companies who are looking to enter the capital markets or are looking to gain exposure. The setup, the agenda, the one-one-ones, and the networking gives companies many opportunities to tell their story and drive interest. Our story was well received in the financial community and we are looking forward to the next steps. We owe a great thanks to our event sponsors, Hanover International, RRBB and Carmel, Milazzo & DiChiara, who helped rehearse and prepare us to ensure our success at the event.”
Max Munn, CEO, MunnWorks, LLC

“We attended our first NIBA conference in March 2019 and we were blown away by the experience. The event was extremely well run and we received a lot of exposure. We got a lot of value from the relationships we made and from the contacts we met. The caliber of attendees was high and we also made some great connections with other presenting companies as well. We really liked the collateral that was provided to us that we could incorporate into our communications with our clients and investors such as the videos of our presentation and panel discussion as well as our interview with Thanks again and we’re looking forward to our next NIBA Conference!”
Benjamin Lee, CEO, CIFT Group

“In the micro-cap/small-cap investment banking space, the premier network is clearly the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA)—professional, credible, and highly effective. My company’s presentation at NIBA’s March 2019 New York investor conference has already led to substantial discussions with several investment banking firms. The NIBA conference’s high standard, preparation, and scrutiny for presenting firms are undoubtedly the keys behind their continuous success.”
Billy Starkey, CEO, Palladion Signature Import (PSI) Limited

“i-BLADES presented at NIBA and found our experience to be amazing! The audience was superb and relevant; the following one-on-one meetings were productive and well organized. The advanced guidance from our sponsor and capital markets advisor, Hanover International, was meaningful and on point. We highly recommend this event for anyone – both companies looking for funding from great organizations and those great organizations looking to fund cutting edge companies.”
Jorge M. Fernandes, CEO, and Mary Garfein, EVP, Business Development, I-Blades, Inc.

“We presented at NIBA and the response was fantastic. Both the formal and informal gatherings were effective, and we enjoyed the entire conference and learned a lot. The networking was also very beneficial.”
Paul Errigo, President & CEO, New York WaterMaker

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Member News


“Congratulations to NIBA on their best conference to date. What a great experience. Three years ago I was invited to attend my first NIBA conference. With little expectations I found a very welcoming community committed to my success. I have found much more than a professional association and I’m humbled by the overwhelming support I have received while growing my business. If you could use friendship, camaraderie and an expansion of your professional network, then without a doubt you should be part of NIBA. Come and meet many interesting companies, CEO’s, bankers, investors, etc. In short order it will become the place where everyone knows your name!”
Brian F. Zucker, CPA, RRBB

“As a business attorney, I recommend presenting at the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) conference to all of my clients looking to raise capital. It would simply not be possible to get meetings with the buy-side professionals that the companies meet at NIBA. In terms of the value proposition, for the cost of the presenting company fee and a day or two of time, the companies can get in front of a roomful of buy-side professionals that would otherwise take months and cost an exorbitant amount of money to visit individually. The success rate of NIBA has been proven to me. My clients have received attention, education, relationships, referrals, and financings from their NIBA presentations. Once, a banker even wrote their proposed financing terms to one of my client companies on a napkin as we were eating breakfast after having seen the company present the day before and that deal, did in fact, happen. The largest IPO I ever worked on was underwritten by two NIBA members. Personally, I have met so many finance professionals in all areas at NIBA that I am able to introduce my clients to nearly every connection they need through their start-up, growth, and development phases, making me a valuable resource to my clients. I have been a member of NIBA for over a decade and am proud to serve on their Board of Directors now.”
Lynne Bolduc, Partner, Fitzgerald Yap Kreditor LLP

“We always enjoy sponsoring NIBA. It gives us a chance to meet with colleagues who understand our industry and the small cap segment of the market specifically. NIBA provides an excellent forum to discuss the cutting edge trends in our industry with the people who are at the leading edge. Additionally, it gives us the chance to meet with new and exciting companies and to promote our own brand.”
Louis Taubman, Partner, Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li LLC

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  • Have over $100 billion in assets under management.
  • Are responsible for 90% of IPO’s under $20 million.
  • Have raised over $40 billion for emerging growth companies.
  • Represent over 60 industry services.

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