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Timothy Hillert

Timothy Hillert, Chairman

Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 646-450-0416

Brand Marketing Strategist defines the audience-driven marketing strategy for the NIBA brand. This position will be part of a newly created Brand & Business Development Committee.

The Brand Marketing Strategist will be responsible for strategic leadership and direction of marketing programs, creative initiatives and advertising efforts. Based on unearthing deep audience insight, thorough perspective on the competitive landscape and nuanced understanding of NIBA brands and programs, the Strategist crafts strategic ideas that elevate the position and reputation of our Association and its Committees, and encourage prospects to become interested in what NIBA offers.

Tim has accountability for being the voice of our key external prospects and audiences to insure that their needs and motivations are forefront in guiding our messaging, creative, and marketing efforts in an integrated and holistic way. One part naturally curious researcher, one part creative idea generator, one part closet psychologist, one part competitive striver, and one part team energizer, the Brand Marketing Strategist is the inspiration, the vision and the juice for leading our marketing efforts on behalf of our Association.

This role will be instrumental in insuring the newly created NIBA brand positioning is woven into and enhanced through all marketing efforts. Furthermore, this position is responsible for identifying the differentiating and compelling ways the Association and Committees fulfill the overall NIBA positioning and thereby motivate key audiences to engage with NIBA.

Finally, Tim’s goals are to turn prospect-centric strategy into marketing ideas. From designing new initiatives to developing corporate partnerships, the Strategists operate as product managers for their assigned Committees, promoting them to key external audiences in ways that prompt desired behavior and elevate our brands.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop market and audience insight and research that links to compelling value propositions for our offerings;
  • Craft Brand strategies for NIBA and Committees that map to brand architecture positioning and messaging;
  • Author the Strategic Brief which leads all significant creative and marketing efforts;
  • Catalyze and inspire creative ideas and concepts that drive marketing;
  • Lead collaboration, brain-storming, idea generation and liaison with dean/faculty, admissions and marketing partners;
  • Create strategy and oversee programs for brands’ involvement with corporate partners, external events, etc.;
  • Work closely with PR, Social Media, Public Programs and other peers to execute integrated branded initiatives and programs;
  • Insure all marketing communications efforts are coordinated and support an integrated plan;
  • Track results and success of initiatives against goals to make adjustments to audience-driven strategy.