NIBA February 10 – 11, 2016 Hollywood, Florida Conference

Margaritaville Beach Resort

The National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) was proud to host its 137th investment conference on February 10 – 11, 2016 at the Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida.

Our 1.5 day fast paced, yet intimate event provided the opportunity to network with the management of public and privately-held micro-cap and small-cap companies and financial industry professionals. Following morning presentations, attendees had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with companies at their own private booth pace.

Conference Attendees are broker dealers,investment bankers, RIA’s, private equity groups, fund managers, institutional and retail investors, bridge-loan providers and other domestic and international industry professionals.

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Conference Presentation Videos have been uploaded to the NIBA Virtual Data Room with Prosperity Systems. Login here to view.


Videography by D. Scott Foshee


The Official NIBA Hollywood, FL February 2016 Conference Video

Video courtesy of StockVest.

Photos from NIBA Hollywood, FL, February 10 – 11, 2016

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Photography by D. Scott Foshee

Presenting Companies at NIBA Hollywood, FL February, 2016


If you want to contact a company, please follow the guidelines of NIBA’s Ethical Policy and ONLY do so through the company’s NIBA Sponsor.  All licensed persons may click here and view all company General Session presentations in the NIBA Virtual Data Room. NIBA Virtual Data Room users must register to view the detailed presenting company information.

Alpine4 Technologies, Ltd.
Seth Farbman at

Avalon Rare Metals Inc.

Easy Energy Systems, Inc.
James E. Hock at

EcoArk, Inc.
Andrea Cataneo, Esq. at

Endurance Exploration Group
Keith Holloway at

everyStory, Inc.
Scott Gordon at

Green PolkaDot Box, Inc.
Andrea Cataneo, Esq. at

Health-Right Discoveries, Inc.
James E. Hock at

Life Care Medical Devices Ltd.

mPhase Technologies, Inc.

NutraFuels, Inc.

On the Move Corporation
Gary Spaniak at

Pressure BioSciences, Inc.

ProSeeder Technologies, Inc.
Jerry Lindberg at

PUDO, Inc.
Sari Clement at

Pulmostics Limited
James E. Hock at

Mary Kratka at

Vita-V Energy Co.

Videos courtesy of StockVest.

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JMJ Financial is a privately held investment firm that specializes in providing growth and development capital to emerging small cap companies. JMJ is not a broker or finder, the firm invests its own capital into transactions designed to build long term working relationships with a focused group of innovative companies. With over 150 Nasdaq, OTC Markets, NYSE, and OTCBB companies in its portfolio and a long and highly successful track record, JMJ Financial is one of the most active and reliable investors in the space. Contact: Sandy Weisman, Telephone: (844) 414-9040. Email:


Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP (“SRFF”) provides experienced, professional representation in all matters involving the securities industry, as well as in all general corporate and litigation matters.

Our clients range from start-ups to established, listed companies. They include public and private corporations, partnerships, broker-dealers, investment banks, investment advisors, registered personnel, public and corporate customers and investors, and other entities. We also advise institutional investors on transactions involving complex securities laws. Our practice includes the representation of clients located in the United States and throughout the World.

Our areas of expertise include corporate and commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, securities litigation and arbitration, administrative practice before regulatory agencies, and broker-dealer regulation. In addition, we provide guidance to Boards of Directors and corporate managers who now operate in an increasingly complex and changing landscape of securities rules, litigation risks, regulatory oversight and investor scrutiny. Contact: Andrea Cataneo, Esq., 61 Broadway, 32nd Floor, New York,NY 10006. Telephone 212-398-3471. Email:



BetaZi creates state-of-the-art production forecasting solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry using physics-based predictive analytics. BetaZi has been vetting its new science and providing meaningful intelligence to producers and financiers since 2012. Having modeled over 400,000 wells, we know that our automatic results are accurate and useful for decision makers from the oil patch to the board room. Using cutting-edge technology, BetaZi helps clients make confident, profitable decisions for their assets in record time.


RPS is multinational energy resources and environmental consultancy company providing independent techno-commercial advice and services to the energy and other industries and the financial institutions that support and invest them. RPS has an extensive track-record supplying Competent Persons and Reserves Reports as well as working closely with accountancy and legal in transaction advice teams. For oil and gas, the amalgamation of BetaZi’s cutting edge computer science combined with RPS’ oil-field and engineering experience provides a unique and potent service capable of delivering real insight throughout the deal-cycle from pre-screening target acquisitions through to deeper-dive due diligence and post-deal surveillance and risk mitigation.



CFO Services provided within the B2B CFO GamePlan®

While the B2B CFO GamePlan® sounds interesting, we are also asked for specifics about what it is we do for our customers within the implementation stage. Here is a non-exhaustive list of 11 specific CFO Advisory Services that form a part of The Strategy GamePlan™.

Prior to joining B2B CFO® Partners, Charlie Meeks started two firms both of which grew to be significant successes in his local communities. Both of these firms were successfully merged with larger firms. In the most recent merger he maintained his role as Partner-in-Charge of the Tampa office. His mission statement in both of these firms as in life was and is to honor God in everything that he did.

Charlie is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants, where he is a past president of his local chapter; the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts; CEO Council of Tampa Bay; Steering Committee of the Board of Fellows at the University of Tampa, where he currently serves as the liaison for the College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education, past co-chair for the membership committee and past treasurer; Wesley Chapel Rotary Club; and C12 Group for Christian CEOs & Owners. He is a Visionary Sponsor for GrowFL where he serves on its Advisory Board and an Influencer with Grow10, a newly formed start-up growth organization assisting the top 10 new start-ups in the Tampa Bay area. He is the past treasurer of the Executive Committee of Central Florida Better Business Bureau and the Economic Club of Central Florida. He is a Past Supervisor for Seat 5 of the Northwood Community Development District. Contact: Charlie Meeks, 15310 Amberly Dr., Suite 250, Tampa, Florida 33062. Telephone 813-475-3100. Email:


VStock Transfer is a NY based stock transfer and registrar firm which was founded by lawyers and is managed by lawyers. We can provide you/your client with customized pricing to offer costs savings. We provide you with DWAC services, dedicated account managers, FREE 24-7 Issuer access online to shareholder reports, and outstanding customer service that will impress the Issuer and the shareholders. We are also able to assist companies with DTC eligibility and can help bring market makers to the table to assist with the 15c211 process when needed. Contact: Lisa Loew, VP of Sales, VStock Transfer, LLC, 77 Spruce Street, Suite 201, Cedarhurst, New York 11516. Telephone 646-335-0311 (Direct), 917-742-7939 (Cell), 917-742-7939, or (646) 536-3179 (FAX). Email:


Alpine Securities

Alpine Securities Corporation is a self-clearing brokerage firm and boutique investment company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are focused on serving the needs of our retail and institutional clients and offering exclusive investment opportunities in emerging growth companies. Alpine is a member of The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

Founded in 1984, is a privately-held self-clearing stock brokerage and investment firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Alpine is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Our team consists of a seasoned group of professionals serving the specific needs of our clients. Alpine provides specialized investment services for a large number of individual and some institutional clients. We fill a special niche in today’s stock market by offering our clients access to exclusive investment opportunities in emerging growth companies. By building long term relationships with other investment firms and associates, we are able to deliver constant deal flow and innovative financial ideas with respect to potential investments and trading strategies for our clients. At Alpine, our primary focus is to build a rapport and trust with our new and existing clients by paying attention to their investment needs.

Contact: Randall Jones, 39 Exchange Place, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. Telephone: (801) 320-1335. Email:


BenXchange was created to change the way you search and find Insurance, Retirement and Employee Benefit products and solutions. We brought together a team of experts from different fields and skill sets to make sure you have a well rounded team available to solve and address any needs you have.

BenXchange has set out to change the way people look at insurance. We saw a problem in the industry when using other sites, you would have to visit several different sites or companies in order to build your benefits package. BenXchange is the one stop shop you have been looking for. We like to look at ourselves as your friends with benefits.

Contact: Timothy Hillert, One World Trade, 85th Floor, New York, NY 10007. Telephone: (646) 450-0416. Email:



  • Consilium Global Research (CGR) is an international research and investor relations firm focused on underserved markets.

  • CGR enhances investor recognition of under-valued companies to improve market valuation, increase trading activity and realize a lower cost of capital.

  • CGR provides research coverage, distributed globally throughout the institutional and retail investment communities, one-on-one meetings with targeted investors, and relevant advisory services, including capital markets and corporate communications.

Consilium Global Research (CGR) is the bridge between companies and investors.

Contact: Donald T. McDonald, Founder & CEO, 735 Arlington Ave N., Ste 203, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Telephone: (727) 329-8652 (office). Email:


Equisolve is an award-winning digital agency providing website development and ongoing website management services to public companies. Our services and platform combine both corporate and investor website into one unified digital presence including the website, IR website and shareholder communication. No longer is it required to have separate vendors for both the investor and corporate website.

Contact: Tom Runzo, CEO, 2455 E Sunrise Blvd, Ste 1201, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304. Telephone: (954) 858-8550. Email:

OTC Markets

OTC Markets Group organizes securities into the OTCQX®, OTCQB® and OTC Pink® tiered marketplaces. The marketplace on which a company trades reflects the integrity of its operations, its level of disclosure, and its degree of investor engagement.

The OTCQX® Best Marketplace is for established, investor-focused U.S. and global companies. To qualify for the OTCQX marketplace, companies must meet high financial standards, demonstrate compliance with U.S. securities laws, be current in their disclosure, and be sponsored by a professional third-party advisor. Designed for investor-focused companies, OTCQX ensures that investors and brokers have the quality of information that’s necessary to intelligently analyze, value, and trade their securities.

The OTCQB® Venture Marketplace is for entrepreneurial and development stage U.S. and international companies that are unable to qualify for OTCQX. To be eligible, companies must be current in their reporting and undergo an annual verification and management certification process. These standards provide a strong baseline of transparency, as well as the technology and regulation to improve the information and trading experience for investors. Companies must meet a minimum $0.01 bid price test and may not be in bankruptcy.

The OTC Pink® marketplace offers trading in a wide spectrum of equity securities through any broker. This marketplace is for all types of companies that are there by reasons of default, distress or design, which is why they are further segmented based on the level of information that they provide.

StockVest financial market relations. Contact: Mary Kratka, P.O. Box 47-0420, Celebration, FL 34747. Telephone 407-518-0010.


Vintage, a PR Newswire division, is a top-three provider of full-service regulatory compliance and shareholder communications services, delivered across our three practice areas: Capital Markets, Corporate Services and Institutional & Fund Services. Founded in 2002 and acquired by PR Newswire in 2007, Vintage has evolved to become the industry’s intelligent value choice. We deliver a flexible balance of people, facilities and technology to ensure that regulatory compliance and shareholder communications processes are efficient, transparent and painless. Services include IPO registrations, transactions, virtual data rooms, EDGAR & XBRL filing, typesetting, financial printing and investor relations websites.

Contact: Brian Cavalli, 350 Hudson Street, Ste. 300, New York,NY 10014. Telephone: (201) 942-7132. Email:

Wells Compliance

Wells Compliance Group is a technology-based services firm supporting the financial reporting needs of small-cap, publicly traded companies, and privately held firms whose lender, investor or shareholder base requires timely, periodic, GAAP-compliant financial reporting.

StoryCorp Consulting has developed, and released through Wells Compliance, its proprietary software, Financial Accounting Compliance Technology System, or “F.A.C.T.S.” F.A.C.T.S. is a web-based solution that simplifies data gathering and eliminates the need for client entries into their accounting ledgers. The data-gathering tool moves the transactional data gathering function as close to the source of the transaction (or event) as possible. It obtains data and documents related to a transaction, then automatically delivers them into a queue for processing by Wells Compliance. Trained personnel make entries into the company ledgers, then analyze the data and documents. As well, with its information platform, F.A.C.T.S. makes available to management, auditors and stakeholders an innovative way to truly understand their company’s real time financial condition.

Wells Compliance Group/StoryCorp Consulting is based in Los Angeles and New York, and has clients with operations on 3 continents. Services are provided on a flat fee basis for periodic reporting, and a menu basis for transition and transaction-based projects.

Contact: David R. Wells, 2601 Ocean Park Blvd, Ste.316, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Telephone: (310) 800-7175. Email:


WRAPmail combines our proprietary patented technology with your custom marketing content which provides a next generation marketing platform for your organization or personal use.

WRAPmail provides a email advertising solution to organizations and individuals, allowing their email to be written on their branded letterhead as opposed to using a simple signature. Our “Instant Click Alert” gives the sender immediate feedback on what is important to your recipient.

Contact: Marco Alfonsi, 960 S. Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11756. Telephone: (516) 205-4751. Email:

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