Today, the most valuable item a CEO has is their time. Gone are the days of multi- city road shows to meet with the financial community for exposure or for your capital formation needs.  CEO’s tend to wear more than one hat and cannot afford to be gone from the office for many weeks at a time. NIBA conferences take the “road out of road-show”, saving you money and time.

NIBA conferences provide today’s executives with the forum necessary to gain access to firms capable of handling all their capital formation needs as well as access to financial support groups such as SEC law firms, accounting firms and research firms to name a few. NIBA Members represent over 60 key industry services.

Since its inception, NIBA member firms have successful completed over 100 equity offerings totaling approximately $10 billion in new capital for America’s finest emerging growth companies. The member firms of NIBA represent over

8800 registered representatives that have over $76 billion assets under management.

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Early Registration Cost to Present at NIBA is $3500.

Presenting Company Benefits

  • Present your Company’s inspiring story via a formal 10-minute presentation to our conference audience of over 250+ interested Investment Bankers, Boutique Corp. Finance, Specialized Investment Brokerages, Private Equity Groups, Venture Capital Groups, Hedge-Fund Managers, Institutional Investors, and other domestic and international industry professionals.
  • Meet privately and have in-depth discussions with interested parties during one-on-one meetings.
  • Showcase your Company, its product or service at your very own event booth space.
  • Make valid financial relationship contacts through the many networking opportunities presented at NIBA’s breakfast, lunch and cocktail functions.
  • Full and complete access to NIBA’s Data Room Directory of Financial Professionals.
  • Inclusion and full access to NIBA’s secure password protected Data Room visible 24/7 by licensed financial representative.
  • Upload your due diligence files (private placement memorandums), videos, etc., includes interactive stock information and press releases for public companies in NIBA’s Secure Data Room.
  • Video Interview conducted at NIBA’s Conference, viewable on NIBA’s website and available to company.
  • Inclusion in NIBA generated pre and post-conference press release.
  • Three (3) months free IRWebkit.
  • Dissemination of your Company’s news updates and press releases to our entire database for 12-months post presentation.

Presenting Company Testimonials:

Riafox: “We would like to thank NIBA for hosting a world-class conference at the Balboa Club in Newport Beach this past June. Presenting companies gave the investment community access to cutting edge products and services. We presented our services as a mobile tech firm participating in the explosive FinTech market with an app addressing compliance challenges for businesses and broker/dealers. The one-on-one meetings offered a relaxed atmosphere to address more intimate details from the presentations. Additionally, we were exposed to companies developing solutions for how business and consumers transact commerce in today’s economy and business opportunities therein. Will not miss the next event. Outstanding.”
Debby Page, Customer Accounts

Entia BioSciences: “NIBA gave us the opportunity to meet a large number of investment bankers. Our objective was to find a lead investment banker and this mission was accomplished. Thank you!”
Marvin S. Hausman MD, CEO

Med Ag Ventures, Inc.: “NIBA’s conference proved an enjoyable and efficient method to meet a wide variety of deeply experienced professionals with high integrity as well as some fascinating entrepreneurial teams of presenting companies.”
Tom Cifelli JD CRA, CFO and General Counsel

Frog Fitness: “This was our first NIBA conference. As a presenter, we had an overwhelming response from the investment community. We are happy to say that we received indications of interest from three investment bankers and expect to close our funding commitment within the next 30 days. We would like to thank our NIBA sponsor, William Jordan, for his advice and support.”
Richard Pearce, CEO “A well-organized conference. A good place to meet people and an excellent forum to discuss business plans. An effective classroom to learn. There were many investment bankers, company leaders and financial experts in the room making the event a success! The guest speakers were inspiring making the conference not only about business, but about spirit and life. We loved this conference and plan to attend the next one in New York.”
Cathy Sun

National Automation Services, Inc.: “This was the first time we presented at NIBA. We had a great time at the conference and accomplished our objective of exposure. Looking forward to other events in the near future.”
Jeremy Briggs, CFO

AnVen BioSciences: “Attending the National Investment Banking Association’s Florida conference in December was a worthwhile and respected event for AnVen. As we have never attended this event before, we were pleasantly surprised with the caliber of investment professionals in attendance. The conference was very informative and provided the Company with valuable contacts that we hope will turn into solid relationships within the investment banking realm.”
Reddy Moola, Ph.D., Founder and President

St. Joseph, Inc: “A big thank you to NIBA for the opportunity to present our exciting investment opportunity with your members. The conference was first class and allowed us to meet several highly qualified investment banking professionals with which we hope to pursue meaningful business relationships in the near future.”
Gerry McIlhargey, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Nevada Clean Magnesium, Inc.: We wanted to thank everyone at NIBA for yet another well planned and executed event.  Our experience participating in the past several NIBA events have proven to be consistently productive and highly enjoyable, winning our Company valuable exposure and what we believe are mission-critical new banking partnerships.”
Ed Lee, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

CDEX Inc.: On behalf of our entire team at CDEX, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to present the CDEX story at the recent NIBA New York conference.  We particularly enjoyed the quality time we got to spend with key investment banking groups during our one-on-one meeting sessions, as it allowed us to provide even greater insight into our business while forming much more meaningful relationships with bankers and investors that we otherwise may never have had the chance to meet. 
Jeffrey Brumfield, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Renell Bank AG: “Many Thanks to the NIBA Team for organizing the conference. We had the chance to talk to potential new partners from different business areas. The concept of that conference is very good. Now that 4 weeks have passed, I can say that joining and presenting at that conference was a success for our company, although we are based in Germany/Europe. We are looking forward to joining future NIBA events.”
Marc Renell, Managing Director

Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. “On behalf of Hemispherx, I thank you for a very well organized and highly interactive conference. I have presented three times on behalf of Hemispherx and I am always impressed by the interaction among the participants. Efforts by the Leadership of NIBA to ensure audience participation certainly gives me confidence that the time and money will be well spent. Hemispherx has enjoyed many productive leads from these meetings and we look forward to participating in the future”.
Wayne Pambianchi, Sr. Advisor

American CryoStem: “We’d like to express our thanks to everyone at NIBA for inviting American CryoStem to present at both the September and June 2013 Conferences in New York City.  Your clever conference format provided a great opportunity for us to share our exciting story with a well diversified audience of investment professionals and to meet one-on-one with many potential new strategic banking partners.  NIBA is a first class organization, and we’re looking forward to presenting at many future events.”
John Arnone, Chairman and CEO

First Choice Healthcare Solutions: “Our sincerest thanks for the opportunity to present NIBA’s Sept. 2013 New York Conference; the platform was perfect for us to be able to get to the next level of funding for the expansion of our Centers of Excellence. The quality of meetings that were a direct result of NIBA’s efforts were second to none. A special thanks to the Leadership of NIBA; as they ensured our time was not wasted and our meetings were with credible organizations that could truly help meet our goals and objectives. The efforts put forth by each and every NIBA member was a true testament of the quality within the organization. We are excited about the opportunities to come and look forward to a long and successful relationship with NIBA.”
Chris Romandetti, President & CEO
Kris Jones, VP Medical Operations

AmericaVest: “On behalf of the AmericaVest team, we thank you for a great conference and for all your effort in creating a well-planned and successful event. We enjoyed our time at NIBA and received  very positive feedback from our presentation. Great companies along with great folks! We look forward to presenting again in the future.”
Szabina Tallarom, Marketing Associate

El Padrino Spirits: “Thank you to NIBA for the first rate conference you put on in New York last week. We came in expecting to develop a relationship or two and left with over a dozen solid leads for our investment needs and that does not include offers from attorneys, accountants, and stock transfer agents! Truly a worthwhile meeting for a small start-up with big ambitions. We were also impressed with the quality and the diversity of the other companies that presented. I would encourage any micro or small cap company to seek out NIBA if they are interested in exploring the capital markets.”
Todd Graham, Chairman

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