NIBA Past Conference Speakers

(Updated 4/2019)

Karen Ard, Managing Director, Boustead Securities

Clint Arthur, Clint Arthur TV

Elena Georgievna Avakyan, The Supreme Arbitration (Commercial) Court of the Russian Federation

Peter Barca, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD) and U.S. Small Business Administration

Sunny Barkats, Managing partner of JSBarkats PLLC

Charles Bennett, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD)

Derek R. Bingham, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Frank Birgfield, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD)

Deborah R. Bortner, Director, Securities Division, State of Washington and NASAA Board Member

David Bracht, Co-Chair, National Hemp Group, KutaRock

Robert Breza, RBC Capital Markets

Sara Brody, Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison LLP


Eugene Buchannan, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD) Regulation Inc. and the NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

Doug Busk, Mobile Brand Strategy – Global Connections, The Coca-Cola Company

Marc Butler, Pershing

Patrick Campbell, the NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

Henry Carter, E*TRADE Securities Inc.

Andrea Cataneo, Partner, SheppardMullin

Jean Marie Cho, State of New York Office of Attorney General

Maggie Chou, Corporate Services, OTC Markets

Steve Cinelli, PRIMARQ

Russell Cleveland, CFA, Founder, President, and CEO of RENN Capital Group, Inc., and RENN Global Entrepreneurs Fund, Inc.

Ed Cox, Chairman of the New York Republican State Committee

Ms. Denise Voigt Crawford, State Securities Board

James Crowley, Pershing

Walter W. Cruttenden III, E*Offering Corp.

Stephen Cutler, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Mark DeRosa, President of VantagePoint Benefit Administrators

The Honorable Peter Deutsch, U.S. House of Representatives

Carl Dilley, Spartan Securities

Paul Dorfman, Director, NYSE

David Drake, TSL Capital Creation Event Series, LDJ Capital

Steven Dresner, CEO,

Tracy Eichler, UBS Warburg

Mark Elenowitz, CEO and Founder, BANQ

Douglas Ellenoff, Esq., Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP

Michael Emen, the NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

Seth Farbman, Chairman, VStock Transfer LLC

Philip Feigin, Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP, Former Colorado Securities Commissioner and Former NASAA Chairman

David Feldman, Partner, Duane Morris

Peter Fidelman, Griffin Securities

Edward Fitzpatrick, CEO, ISEG Limited

Mark Foley, Republican – Florida

Steve Forbes, Forbes 2000, Inc.

Richard Friedman, Esq., Partner, SheppardMullin

Michael Fugler, Chairman, EURO Financial Network, Inc.

Tricia Fullerton, Founder, Brandiku – Digital Branding and Advertising Agency

Robert Gardner, Founding Partner, New World Technology Partners

Robert Giordano, Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc.

Lisa Gok, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Yoel Goldfeder, Esq., CEO, VStock Transfer

Gary Goldshole, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD) Regulation Inc.

David Gourevitch, The Law Office of David Gourevitch P.C., Former Prosecutor, SEC Enforcement Attorney and Trial Lawyer

The Honorable James Greenwood, U.S. House of Representatives

Professor Joseph A. Grundfest, Stanford Law School

Ken Gryske, Director, Marcum Accountants & Advisors

Paul Gudonis, CEO, Myomo Inc.

Robert Hackel, R. F. Lafferty & Co. Inc.

Joseph Hardiman, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD) President

F. Britt Harrington, Tahoe Air Corp.


Dee R. Harris, NASAA President

John Heidenreich, CFA – Dir. of Inv. Banking, R.F. Lafferty & Co., Inc.

Danielle Hughes, CEO – Divine Capital Markets, Inc.

Isaac Hunt, SEC Commissioner

Lee Iacocca, American Industrialist

Leah Jordan, Fast Program Associate, California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI)

Ken Kamen, President of Mercadien Asset Management, Bestselling Author

Jack Kemp, Former US Congressman

Richard Kreger, Sr., Mng. Director of Investment Banking, RHK Capital

Andy Kyzyk, OTC Markets Group

Ralph Lambiase, Department of Banking: Division of Securities

Brian Lane, SEC Director

Gerald Laporte, US Securities & Exchange Commission


Benjamin Lee, CEO & Chairman of the Board, CIFT Group

Mary Lukens, Committee on Small Business

Paul Matthews, the NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

Don McDonald, CEO – Consilium Global Research, Inc.

Gary Mendoza, California Security Commissioner

William Mohr, New York State Attorney General’s Office

Vince Molinari, GATE Technologies

Michael Morford, Executive Director of OK Invest

Matthew Nestor, Massachusetts Securities Division

The Honorable Michael Oxley, U.S. House of Representatives

Phil Pearce, 1968-69 FINRA (FORMERLY NASD) Chairman


Bruce Poignant, Managing Director, NYSE

Joseph E. Price, Senior Vice President, Corporate Financing/Advertising Regulation, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD)

John Ramsay, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD) Regulation, Inc.

J. Joe Ricketts, Ameritrade

Jim Riggs, Head of Investment Banking, Moloney Securities

Marc Ross, Esq., Partner, Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference

Evan R. Rosser, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD) Regulation, Inc.

James Rothenberg, First Chairman, N.Y.S.E., and National Market System Committee

Susan Rothwell, the NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

Gordon Ruckdeschel, The Vintage Group

Ron Russo,

Richard J. Salute, CPA, J.H. Cohn, LLP

Mike Scaplen, COR Clearing

Mary Schapiro, FINRA Chairman

Joel Michael Schwarz, State of New York Office of Attorney General

Thomas M. Selman, the NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

Daniel Sibears, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD) Regulation, Inc.

Elliot Spitzer, State of New York Office of Attorney General


Neal E. Sullivan, Bingham Dana, LLP and NASAA

Ernest “Ernie” Svenson, Svenson Law Firm and Co-Founder of DigitalWorkflow

Damon D. Testaverde, Chairman, Network 1 Financial Securities

LaNita Tyler, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD) Regulation, Inc.

Laura Unger, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Bob Van Heuvelen, Founder and CEO of VH Strategies

Don Van Weezel, New York Stock Exchange

Kemba Walker, FINRA (FORMERLY NASD) Regulation, Inc.

Steven Wallman, SEC Commissioner

Bill Walsh, Powerteam International

Cornelius Willis, Microsoft Corporation



The Honorable Ron Wyden, United States Senate


Dan Zinn, General Counsel, OTC Markets