Presenting Company Information

Presenting Company Information

Who Should Present

Public or Private Companies Regardless of Size or Industry.

Why You Should Present

If your company is seeking capital for growth or looking for exposure to the financial markets.

Who You Will Meet

Registered Investment Advisors, Private Equity Groups, Family Offices, Investment Bankers, Broker Dealers, Boutique Corp. Finance, Specialized Investment Brokerages, Venture Capital Groups, Fund Managers, and Industry Service Providers.

NIBA’s conferences provide:

  • A unique platform and showcase for both private and public companies to present their individual stories to prospective investors, financing partners, market makers and market professionals, all experienced within the micro-small capital markets.
  • A forum which is specifically designed to capitalize upon expended time for management of presenting companies by providing an abbreviated initial 10 minute overview presentation to our conference attendees which is also live filmed, providing access to members not in attendance and an additional marketing opportunity for companies by posting to their company websites.
  • Scheduled 1-1 member meetings which provides presenting companies an opportunity to fully engage potential investors with full presentations and affords time for both in depth question and answers.
  • NIBA, utilizing this format in combination with hosted breakfasts, lunches and cocktail parties throughout the conference affords members and presenting companies alike, a unique experience which promotes the formation of long lasting and essential business relationships.

Presenting Company Benefits:

  • 40 year track record of raising billions of capital for micro-cap and small-cap companies.
  • We have the highest attendee to presenter ratio of all industry conferences.
  • Limited number of Presenting Company Exhibitors means MORE ATTENTION for YOU!
  • We are thousands of Investment Professionals focused micro-cap and small-cap industry experts.
  • Presenting Companies get thousands worth of additional services (see below) at no extra charge.

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Additional Services:

  • Our collaboration with IBN (InvestorBrandNetwork) will amplify the reach of your presentation delivered at NIBA’s upcoming investment conference. In addition to sending profile summaries to multiple investor newsletters and featuring NIBA on various event pages, they will be providing a complimentary syndicated article on each presenting company. IBN’s coverage currently consists of 5,000+ syndication partners such as Apple News and StreetInsider as well as 50+ IBN brands that collectively reach 2+ million likes, followers and subscribers.
  • A complimentary CEO interview, which is a brief and high level interview about the company, your news and any relevant information for investors you can share. The video is professionally edited to a few minutes, published on NIBA’s website and provided to you, the company.
  • Dissemination of your Company’s news updates and press releases to NIBA’s entire database for 12-moths post presentation.

Presenting Company Testimonials

NIBA conferences are an excellent way for small companies to introduce themselves to the financial community. The conference attendees, bankers, service providers and investors are accessible. Fund raising is a continuous process. It requires a commitment of time and energy. It is very much like the old shampoo advertisements: Lather Rinse and Repeat. Fund raising is Present, Listen and Repeat. This event helps a presenter build confidence, show corporate accomplishments and build financial relationships. In the business of capital raises, people work with people they know. NIBA gives one a way to know and be known.

Pulmostics Limited – William Wittmeyer, CEO

Mobilogix had the opportunity to present at the NIBA. As an early stage IoT/M2M company, the NIBA forum was a phenomenal platform for the company to gain exposure to the investment community. The event’s organizational structure was conducive to showcasing Mobilogix’ s core competencies and potential to a wider audience, while at the same time having the ability to have one on discussions with relevant parties. Post the event, we have received tremendous interest from various investment bankers, putting the fund-raising exercise on a solid path forward. We are looking forward to our continued engagement with NIBA and its associates.

Mobilogix, Inc. (now Telit)

The NIBA conference delivered everything it promised and more. We received significant interest in Tivic Health as a result of our presenting. Outstanding connections with a strong investor community interested in early-stage and microcap companies. By far the most efficient way to begin building a network that can benefit the company for years to come.

Tivic Health – Jennifer Ernst, CEO

The National Investment Banking Association conference was a great opportunity for our company to gain exposure and drive interest from a range of potential investors and investment bankers. The conference itself was efficient and was very well organized. In addition to being able to hear presentations from a wide range of companies, I found that the one-on-one meetings in the afternoon were a great way to network with interested investment professionals.

Allysta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Henry Hsu, MD, CEO

This event is by far a must do for companies who are looking to enter the capital markets or are looking to gain exposure. The setup, the agenda, the one-one-ones, and the networking gives companies many opportunities to tell their story and drive interest. Our story was well received in the financial community and we are looking forward to the next steps. We owe a great thanks to our event sponsors, Hanover International, RRBB and Carmel, Milazzo & DiChiara, who helped rehearse and prepare us to ensure our success at the event.

Max Munn, CEO, MunnWorks, LLC

I attended my first NIBA conference in June ’16 and could not be happier with the result. I am a bit of a novice and wasn’t sure what to expect but Jim and Lynne helped me through the entire process and I came home with several valuable new contacts and an experience that will benefit me in the future. I most definitely recommend this conference to anyone raising money and/or trying to accomplish big goals.

Watkins-Conti Products, Inc. – Allison Conti

i-BLADES presented at NIBA and found our experience to be amazing! The audience was superb and relevant; the following one-on-one meetings were productive and well organized. The advanced guidance from our sponsor and capital markets advisor, Hanover International, was meaningful and on point. We highly recommend this event for anyone – both companies looking for funding from great organizations and those great organizations looking to fund cutting edge companies.

Jorge M. Fernandes, CEO, and Mary Garfein, EVP, Business Development, I-Blades, Inc.

I really salute the NIBA event. It was an extremely good networking event, a solid presentation platform to real and interested investor groups and was executed remarkably well. I cannot say enough about Jim Hock and Hanover International team for their efforts in rehearsing the pitch and the setup of one-on-one meetings prior to the day of the event.

ytoBioScience Incorporated – James Garvin, PhD 

As an entrepreneur that’s raised > $280M, I’ve been to a lot of conferences. NIBA was the most productive I’ve ever attended. Through the support and sponsorship of Linda Judge, Jim Hock and the Hanover team, I met the right people in the right environment and have started building all the relationships required for our next level of funding. Highly recommended for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Front Range Biosciences – Nick Hofmeister, CFO & Co-Founder

The NIBA conference is a fantastic platform to meet quality investors, investment bankers interested in helping to raise capital and/or to gain company exposure. This event is perfect for those companies just getting started or who are already established in the capital markets. It is smaller and more intimate as they typically only have 25 presenters. Jim Hock and the Hanover team did a superb job of prepping our team for the conference. The pre-conference work Hanover did to identify appropriate financial targets to speak with enabled us to get significant value from our time at the conference.

inno360 – Peter Wengryn, President and CEO

The NIBA Conference placed DeviceFarm in front of the right people to start effective capital formation. With Hanover International’s sponsorship and feedback during rehearsals, they helped us to present well and to drive interest to DeviceFarm from the investment community. This conference is an effective way to gain exposure and begin capital raising to reach your next major milestone.

DeviceFarm, Inc. – Jeffrey Roe, CEO

The NIBA conference was a first-class event that was well organized with high quality people in attendance. The team at Hanover including Jim, Jerry and Kathy helped us to prepare and practice putting us in a position to be successful. The exposure that inno360 received and the one on one meetings were a great success thanks to Hanover and their contacts.

inno360 – Peter Wengryn, President and CEO

NIBA was a fantastic event for Beaconforce. Working with the team at Hanover prior, we were well-prepared and able to use our time there to build relationships with investment bankers. The event itself was well-organized and gave us exposure to quality, targeted investors. Follow up from Hanover before and after the event has been diligent. We’re delighted with the response so far!

Beaconforce – Laura Maish, Chief Performance Officer

Touchjet USA LLC just started financing in the US. We had the opportunity to work with Hanover International Inc. and present at National Investment Banking Association’s (NIBA) New York Conference on June 26-27. We met a new network of investment bankers and entrepreneurs and it created great exposure for Touchjet, our technology, platform and brand. We look forward to following up and keeping NIBA posted on our progress.

Touchjet – Helen Thomas, Co-founder and CEO

On behalf of Elive Medical, Ltd., I want to thank NIBA [and Hanover] for a very productive and enjoyable NIBA event in New York City in February, 2017. Elive was a presenting company at NIBA, and we met several very promising potential investor companies, as well as many useful support service companies. This was particularly useful for Elive because we are currently a European company who is looking to reincorporate and launch in the United States. NIBA was a wonderful introduction for our European founders to the investment process in the US, and they were able to understand many of the key differences between the US and European investment processes.

Elive Medical, Ltd. – Paul J. Frankel

NIBA was Nelumbo’s first introduction to the investment banking world and we could not have had a better platform to launch from. As we continue to develop relationships with the connections made at NIBA, I believe we will look back on the conference experience as an event of high significance to our company’s growth and long term success. Thank you to our friends at Hanover International for sponsoring Nelumbo and helping us prepare for NIBA!

Nelumbo – Liam Berryman, CEO

Our first experience at NIBA’s 2016 conference in New York far exceeded our company’s expectations. The quality of attendees, coordination of the event, and explosion of interest in our company provided a great start to the process of developing strategic partnerships. Thank you NIBA and Jim Hock from Hanover International for all of the support and a pathway to our continued success! This is truly where “Value Relationships” are formed.

EVAOS Inc. – Richard Simpkins, Co-Founder

NIBA is the perfect conference and networking experience for both companies that are in the capital raising phase of their business, as well as for investment bankers to hear what is coming to market and participate with these new companies on a one on one basis. As a former conference producer, I was proud to be a presenter with Mark Tenner from FANZ UNITED as well as be well attended to by Jim Hock and his team from Hanover International to insure we had as many one on one meetings as possible. Thank you to the Hanover team for representing our company in the best light to the right people.

Fanz United, LLC – Lisa Tenner – Sr. VP. Marketing and Branding

We could not have been better served by the recent NIBA conference in New York. From our sponsor Jim Hock’s advice on revising and delivering our presentation, to the hands-on coordination provided by board members throughout the event, to the caliber of the attending firms, NIBA wrapped its arms around us and smoothed the way to the overwhelming response we received.

Advanced Resilient Technology Limited – Marshall Mermell – Consultant – Executive Management